The Future of Work and Skills: Humans, Robots Need You

Robots will not displace humans in the workplace. This is not a battle between human and machine – rather, organizations must provide people with quick bursts or cycles of learning, so they can develop new skills and capitalize on opportunities that arise when technology transforms markets.


All Roads Lead to Learning

With skills needs changing, companies are realizing they can no longer expect to find talent on tap. To complete in the Skills Revolution, companies need to promote a culture of learning, provide career guidance, and offer focused upskilling opportunities.

A record 83% of Canadian employers plan to be training and upskilling their workforce by 2020 – are you one of them?

Human Skills Trending

Demand for technical and digital skills is growing across all functions, but employers are placing increasing value on soft skills, especially, critical thinking, complex reasoning, creativity, and likeability.

Machines can scale and automate routine tasks with ease, underscoring the need for a workforce who has the skills machines do not.

Skills today and skills tomorrow:
  • Record keeping and data entry data analysis and assessment
  • Cost tracking recognizing patterns and trends, critical thinking and analysis
  • Machine operation complex problem solving and troubleshooting, creativity

Designing Career Pathways and Upskilling for Growth Industries

To help our most motivated people access meaningful jobs and develop sustainable careers, Manpower’s MyPath® program program provides accelerated learning programs, on-the-job training, certification and experience in the most in-demand roles. By analyzing current and future demand for specific roles, MyPath® creates tailored career tracks for our people to upskill and progress in their careers in growth industries.

Assessment: Learnability
  • powerYOU: online training platform that gives associates access to thousands of free online courses, including several certification prep courses.
  • Forklift Certification Program: together with Johnston Equipment, Manpower guides eligible associates through their forklift certification.

Associates who demonstrate outstanding soft skills, including engagement, collaboration, curiosity, problem-solving, results-orientation and communication, receive badges of recognition from employers.

This combination of experiential learning, medaling and coaching enables Manpower to upskill associates and reward human strengths.

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