Cyber Risk Management in the
Manufacturing Enterprise

Cyber Risk Management and cybersecurity in general is not just an IT job need; it’s an engineering, operational and general business need. COVID-19 as a disrupter to business, supply chains, onsite work safety and scheduling has only increased manufacturing’s vulnerabilities and needs. This is not just in corporate networks or IT areas but in operational/plant areas and where operations, physical hardware, and networks meet. It includes a core focus on hardware and plant engineering, security operations, asset management, process, compliance and quality roles.

Control your new cyber risks

Access specialized skills


  • Factory Automation Engineer
  • Industrial (Process) Automation Engineer
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Engineer

Industrial Controls

  • Industrial Control Engineer
  • Industrial Controls System Specialist
  • Industrial Controls Network Security Analysis
  • Industrial Controls Network Security Engineer
  • Instrumentation/Sensor Engineer
  • Distributed Control Systems Analyst
  • Distributed Controls Systems Engineer

General Operations and Asset Management

  • Compliance Program Manager
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Assessor/Planner
  • Cyber-Physical Asset Controller
  • Cyber Security Operations Specialists

Facilities / Infrastructure / Integration

  • Infrastructure Administrator
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Infrastructure Security Architect
  • Cybersecurity IT/OT Integration Engineer
  • Cyber Security Systems Operator

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